Gosh Darn Fiasco

Gosh Darn Fiasco

Laser Malena-Webber (The Doubleclicks), Richard Malena-Webber (Atomic Game Theory), and their friends from the world of gaming and comedy sit down to play a game of Fiasco, and improvise a brand-new story full of conflict, hilarity and almost certain death.

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    27: The Management Bible (Lucia Fasano, Rick Budd, Kyle McCormick)

    This week on Gosh Darn Fiasco, we've got a bunch of bad bosses, a secret society, anonymous AIM conversations, and a skeleton? Join Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Rick Budd, and your hosts Rich & Laser for a disaster in the aglet office.

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    26: Behold, My Hat (Rick Budd, Amy Dallen)

    This week on Gosh Darn Fiasco, it's the castle's birthday. Join Amy Dallen, Rick Budd, and your hosts Rich & Laser for a story of magic, jousting, sports, trickery, and Scottish accents. There are also a lot of important hats, so do try to keep up.

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    25: I've Lost Two Bears Today (Lucia Fasano, Aubrey Turner, Kyle McCormick)

    This week on Gosh Darn Fiasco, we're creating the song of the summer. It's hot, summer, so hot - that bears might explode, and cows might catch on fire. To be fair, that happens all the time. We're joined by Aubrey Turner (the other half of the Doubleclicks) and GDF all-stars Lucia Fasano and Kyle McCormick for a special episode recorded/streamed live thanks to Saving Throw Show!

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    24: Fantaaaa The Amazing Diva (Kayla Cagan, Sam Gasch, Richard Malena-Webber, Angela Webber)

    The Red Rocks West Equity Playhouse in Boulder, Colorado has a lot of stuff going for it. An ambitious lighting designer, a meddling costume designer, the son of Nic Cage, an a diva of an actress who is amazing, as long as she can get the night off from waitressing at the local diner. This production of "Kittens" is going to go off without a hitch—unless something goes wrong. Nothing will go wrong. Right?

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    21: Plant-Human Love (Gail Simone, Jackie Kashian) on the JoCoCruise!

    What happens when a thief, a bully, a nerd, and an arsonist get on a cruise and try to steal a unique, powerful and sentient plant? Well, there's arson, and love, and more arson, and a lot of love. This episode features special guests comic book legend GAIL SIMONE and stand-up comedian JACKIE KASHIAN!

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    20: The Museum (Doubleclicks Playset!)(Will Hindmarch, Lucia Fasano, Rich Malena, Angela M. Webber)

    It's lock-in night at the museum! We have an undercover alien looking for scientific proof of the missing link. We have a Spock Impersonator. We have burrito problems. And we're hoping that nothing goes wrong. Will it? Yes. It will. Find out how when the team plays the new "museum" playset - which is based on the songs of the Doubleclicks! Special guests Will Hindmarch and Lucia Fasano join us for a wonderful story full of mystery and mansplaining!

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    19: The Mnemonic Gang (Ben Coleman, Lewis Sequiera, Rich Malena)

    It's "The Last Heist!" Our gang of youngsters has an expert plan to steal the new Pokémon game and make tons of money. What could get in their way? Will it be their English teacher, obsessed with Shakespeare, the rapper? The changing landscape of Hot Topic? Or maybe their "lackey"—the weird 35-year-old man who hangs out with this band of youth criminals and has a mysterious, skeleton-filled past? And do you need a mnemonic to remember that? Find out in this very funny episode featuring some luminaries from the portland comedy scene!

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    18: Planet Dairy (Chelsea Cain, Lucia Fasano, Rich Malena)

    We're going where no one has gone before in this Star Trek-themed episode! Our special guest Chelsea Cain is Dr. Trish Brazil, who has a weird alien following her around. Starfleet wants us to uncover mysteries in these ruins of a lost civilization, but our Captain, Jazz Captain Birthday, is more interested in our jazz band's concert. Plus—penguins! Cows! And... more?

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    16: Daria and the Mirror of Truth (Josh A. Cagan, Joseph Scrimshaw, Lucia Fasano, Angela M. Webber)

    Does the Mirror of Truth exist? Our fearless adventurers try to find it in crumbling caves in the middle of China. But what are they REALLY looking for? Redemption for what happened in The War? The truth about Sgt. Betty's romantic past? Respect from their son? Or just... ultimate power? Let's find out, with players Josh A. Cagan (The DUFF), Joseph Scrimshaw (Rifftrax, Obsessed), and Lucia Fasano (new album RADIO SILENCE out now!)

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    15: Hellmouth High LIVE (Hal Lublin, Joseph Scrimshaw, Molly Lewis, Angela M. Webber)

    Vampire Slayers. Demons. Creepy Dolls. Cheerleaders. We have it all here at Hellmouth High. Fortunately we have a squad of paranormal investigators, some bunsen burners, and an enthusiastic audience at Dragon Con to help us out! Join guests Hal Lublin (We Got This, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Nightvale), Joseph Scrimshaw (Obsessed, Rifftrax), and Molly Lewis (singer-songwriter) as they try to figure out what exactly is in that school basement and what can be done about it!

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    14: The Zoo LIVE (Jim Butcher, Senda, Rich Malena, Angela Webber)

    Jim Butcher (the Dresden Files), Senda (She's a Super Geek) and the gang take you to a troubled zoo, where attendance is down and trouble is brewing. Seem that people really only want to see pandas, and we don't quite have the budget to get a panda.... or.... do we? What is the acquisitions director planning? Is Bucky the Iguana alive? And WHY do we need all this funnel cake? Find out on this week's Gosh Darn Fiasco!

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    12: The Friend Zone (Kelly Sue DeConnick, Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Angela Webber)

    Clones. Superheroes. Sewers. Nuclear Power. Great Big Monsters. It's a weird time in Pinnacle City, where the Mayor is a superhero (in secret) and her assistant is a superhero (also in secret) and there are plots to close the portal to another dimension. Or open it! Why not? Find out more in this episode, starring Kelly Sue DeConnick, Lucia Fasano, and your hosts Richard Malena & Angela Webber!

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    11: Madame Baudelaire's Frock (Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Kevin M. Arnold, Angela Webber, Richard Malena)

    "The Frivolous Ado of Madame Baudelaire's Frock" may be the biggest hit since "Hamilton"... or the biggest flop since "Cats vs. Hamilton: Enter the Dark." The cast is fighting, the director and stage manager are sleeping together, there are glove problems, and maybe.... a PHANTOM? Everything should be fine as long as the prop frocks are in the right box, and everyone gets that the Hitler-loving love interest is the BAD GUY. I'm sure it'll be fine... find out for yourself of this episode of Gosh Darn Fiasco, starring Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Kevin M. Arnold, Angela Webber & Richard Malena!

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    BONUS - Interview with Jason Morningstar & Steve Segedy!

    In this special episode, we interview the creators of Fiasco, Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy! The experts give tips on what makes the best roleplaying sessions, tell their their inspiration for Fiasco, preview their new game Ghost Court, and leak the info on the one Fiasco playset that Steve wants to make someday. We freak out a little bit. Sponsored by The Movie Quiz in Portland!

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    8: The Ice (Angela M. Webber, Richard Malena, Jenn Ellis, Kevin M. Arnold, Cary Young)

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It seems like a nice place to hang out, open a coffee shop, go to college—but it turns out, it's sort of terrible. The University is hoarding information, a newcomer carries a terrible secret, and suddenly, a barista and a professor discover a dead body in a purple jumpsuit! What does it mean, and what do the Hairy-Chested Yeti Crabs have to do with it? If you become a science deputy, we might just be able to tell you what's happening.

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    7: Otter Bros (Angela M. Webber, Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Kyle McCormick & Kevin M. Arnold)

    The City of OurTown has six news stations, and all of them are vying for the Peabody Award for News Excellence. Animal News One has the best zoo news thanks to the OTTER BROS, News Channel 6 has some exciting stories (some of them seem made up, though), and Action News 11 has some amazing secrets about other stations and their financial mismanagement—and a very dedicated intern named Crate, or Clamp, or something. Of course, there is a Malaria outbreak in OurTown, but that doesn't really seem newsworthy when there's so much ZOO NEWS! Enjoy love, death, and art films in this episode of GOSH DARN FIASCO! God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!!

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    7 (BONUS): Otter Bros SETUP!

    Get a peek behind the scenes in this episode, where we set up the story for our "Otter Bros" episode! Listen to the full episode, also out today, for the whole story!

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    6: The Muppet Heist (Kevin M. Arnold, Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Angela Webber, Richard Malena)

    The Muppets have made some powerful enemies. Well, maybe not "powerful," per se. But security guard Buck Friendly, wanna-be criminal Frankie Banklin, disillusioned marketing assistant Courtney Date and experienced robber Snuffleupagus Philms have a plan. Well, not a "plan," per se. But someone needs to find out what the Henson Company is hiding in that underground lab, and this might just be the crew to do it!

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    5: Bad Habits (Keith Baker, Molly Lewis, Jenn Ellis, Jeremiah Shepersky, Angela Webber)

    At Our Lady Of Perpetual Sorrows, the balance has been disrupted. A tell-all book has just been anonymously released telling the secrets the order, and a new Mother Superior has come in to get to the bottom of the scandal. But she's been seen talking to a large rodent and a man in a top hat—and something strange is happening in the basement with tin foil. And have you noticed how big the tulips are this year? In this episode, players Keith Baker, Molly Lewis, Jenn Ellis and Jeremiah Shepersky join your host Angela Webber in playing "Bad Habits," a playset set in a convent in Punxsutawney, PA.

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    4: Sourdough (Kyle McCormick, Richard Malena, Cary Young, Lucia Fasano, Angela Webber)

    Seattle is a city with interesting problems. There's the annual bread bake-off, of course. There are rumors of Bigfoot sightings in the woods. There are vigilante superheroes who keep the status quo. Into this mix comes Charlie Barley, the new CEO of Magic: The Gathering—and he wants to disrupt everything. In this episode, players Kyle McCormick, Richard Malena, Cary Young and Lucia Fasano join your host Angela Webber in playing "Welcome To Jet City" in a Seattle-themed game that gets real, real weird.

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    4 (BONUS): Sourdough SETUP

    Get a peek behind the scenes in this episode, where we set up the story for our "Sourdough" episode! Listen to the next episode, also out today, for the whole story!

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    3: Salem 1692 (Barbara Holm, Lucia Fasano, Pat Rafferty, Angela Webber)

    It's witches and cats and "magic?" in this episode, where we play "SALEM 1692"—a setting about the Salem Witch Trials. We find Salem in the midst of a mystery—what happened to Billy Biblethump in the barn? Who is a real witch, and who's just holding the ladle? And how did that French cat get here? Featuring Barbara Holm, Lucia Fasano & Pat Rafferty!

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    2: Teenage Space Falcon (Angela M. Webber, Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Kyle McCormick & Pat Rafferty)

    Our players are a TOURING ROCK BAND, WHEN THE MUSIC STOPPED, in a playset about a band who used to be famous. We find space-themed a cappella band Teenage Space Falcon 20 years after their last world tour. One member is a farmer with a pet falcon, another is a lawyer, another a roadie with a mysterious accent. Can the reality show "GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER" get the band back together? And will the UFO Beacon on the roof ever start beeping like it did back in the day? Let's find out together! Featuring Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Kyle McCormick & Pat Rafferty! Sponsored by Gen Con: gencon.com!

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    1: Camp Death (Angela M. Webber, Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Kyle McCormick & Kevin M. Arnold)

    Our players head to CAMP DEATH, a playset written by James Gabrielsen all about a haunted camp with a mysterious past and lots of problems. The counselors come early to set up and are greeted by a bus driver who loves PBJs, a messed up squirrel corpse, and a forest that takes impressionable youths and turns them into experienced hunters. What does it all mean? That’s a wonderful question. Featuring Lucia Fasano, Richard Malena, Kyle McCormick & Kevin M. Arnold! Sponsored by Gen Con: gencon.com!

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    0: Introduction To Fiasco and the Gosh Darn Fiasco Podcast

    On this introduction episode, host Angela M. Webber and GAMING EXPERT Richard Malena tell you about the rules of Fiasco and what's coming up on the Gosh Darn Fiasco Podcast. Come back February 1 for the first full episode of the show!

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